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Fefetasprite Talksprite uwu (if the canon name gets revealed later i’m gomen, i don’t know what it is right now)

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Neperisprite! :33


when people don’t understand why eridan killed feferi and attacked sollux

hint: it wasn’t because she was crushing on sollux.

Eridan stated in the conversation preceding the fight that he had accepted Feferi’s decision.  He was okay with it.  He just wanted to be with Feferi as friends because he did actually still care about her.

Feferi and Sollux tried to stop him from joining Noir because it was a stupid idea.  Sollux initiated the fight.  Eridan knocked him out in self-defense, and Feferi, understandably, was angry.  He fought back in self-defense again.  I’m not sure if he actually intended to kill her, but in any case it certainly wasn’t because she rejected him.

Eridan snapped.  He fucking snapped.

He was already unstable.  People forget that this kid was already genocidal, even if it he didn’t completely believe in it.  He was unstable and he had just lost his moirail right when he was confessing to her and the only person who really talked to him was Karkat.  Everyone else just brushed him off.

He attacked Feferi and Sollux because he was provoked and already worn very, very thin.  Not because of some sort of petty jealousy.

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These are 3 of the 6 keychain thingys I’ve made that going to be sent to Hannah ( http://krill-ex.tumblr.com/ ) !

I’ll upload the other three next.


By B[閉]Y[鎖]A


perfect in every way!!!!

original artist: http://impliedlizard.tumblr.com/

they complete each other <3





i had equius shipping feelings i’m sorry